Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sam Houston: Three Wives and a Mistress Called Texas

Sam Houston's Personal Life Lives up to the Tall Texan

Who was the most intriguing person in Texas history? No one can discount Sam Houston's positions of great power and prestige, but one might argue that even with all of Houston's political success and drama, his personal life is the most intriguing.

After all, Houston didn't have just one wife or two, but three wives.

His first marriage, to a gorgeous blonde half his age, ended quickly and mysteriously. While people from that day to the present have speculated on what happened, it will probably always remain an enigma.

After the disastrous first marriage, Houston escaped the questions by fleeing to Indian country. Here, he took a second wife, Diana Rogers, but she could not hold the Tall Texan, when that most alluring of all mistresses, Texas, began to call his name.

Read full story in the Beaumont Journal, May 31, 2006