Friday, June 02, 2006

Friendship Baptist Church Celebrates 133 Years

Ulysses S. Grant was president of the United States. The country was still recovering from the Civil War. The stock market had just crashed. Railroads were heading West. And, in the small town of Corine, near Jacksonville, Texas a group of Baptists came together and the the Friendship Baptist Church was formed. On Oct. 11, 1873, the church was admitted into the Cherokee County Missionary Baptist Association beginning the first of the Friendship Baptist Church's 133 years.

Friendship Baptist Church was admitted into the Cherokee County Missionary Baptist Association on Oct. 11, 1873, and has served the surrounding area and supported missionaries from Cherokee County to the far reaches of the world. Worship services have been housed in various buildings from a log cabin to the present modern comfortable facilities. Baptisms have been conducted in the Neches River, Carey Lake, creeks, streams, sister churches in Jacksonville and in the church’s own baptistery for many people beginning a life of worship and service to God. Some members have served as long as 50-85 years at this church.

A large number of present and former members attended the Corine School, which was located near the church. Friendship has been the starting place for many marriages during its history. Corine Cemetery documents family names from the early days of the community and upkeep of the cemetery is provided by donations and memorials.

Happy Birthday, Friendship Baptist Church. And, here's to another 133 years.

Read full story in the Daily Progress, Jacksonville, Texas