Thursday, June 15, 2006

Indianola Washed Away in 1875 & 1886

Indianola: Now only a Memory

More than 100 years before Hurricane Katrina, a hurricane washed away great Texas city. Indianola, on the South Texas Coast, near Matagorda and Port Arthur, was hit with a major hurricane in 1875, then devastated again in 1886.

Today some people call Indianola a ghost town.
Truth is, there’s not much of a town here at all.
It’s hard to believe that Indianola was once a major Texas city, a rival to places like Galveston and a smaller port city called Houston.
And looking closely at the tombstones and you’ll notice so many people died on the same day, Sept. 16, 1875.
On that day, historians said, just a short walk from Indianola’s oldest cemetery, the waves and the winds picked up.

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Indianola before the Storm photo from