Monday, June 05, 2006

Eastern Tarrant County Preserving Old Buildings

Local Historical Societies Fight to Keep Old Structures Alive

Richland Hills Historical Society, Southlake Historical Society, Colleyville Historical Preservation Committee, Bedford’s Historical Foundation and the Arlington Historical Society work to keep older historical buildings from being bulldozed to make way for modern buildings.

In Bedford, three buildings — the former 1940s-era Barr-Simmons Grocery Store and two houses used by local businesses — will be replaced with office buildings off Bedford Road. Owner Buddy Bice has said he plans to demolish them because they are hazardous, and insurance companies have refused to insure them because
of their condition.

In Southlake, the 135-year-old White’s Chapel United Methodist Church plans to demolish a 93-year-old chapel and replace it with classrooms and a new wedding chapel. Church officials have said the original chapel is beyond salvage; it has black mold, a sinking floor and electrical problems.

In Colleyville, the Cavender-Gilbert House, built in 1906, is in the pathway of planned town homes. The house, named after its first two owners, still has its original windows and doors.

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