Saturday, June 17, 2006

Artifact Thieves Face the Law in West Texas

Arrowheads, Tomahawk, Antique Guns, a Winchester Rifle and a Bowie Knife stolen from the Stillwell Museum and the Fort Davis Historical Museum.

Thieves now face the Grand Jury. Which might be a better plight than facing a group of angry Texans...

Authorities say the robberies started April 11 at the Stillwell Museum in the Big Bend area when the suspects stole items including arrowheads, a tomahawk,
money from a donation box and several guns, including an 1895 Winchester rifle.

[The thieves] are accused of breaking into glass displays at the Fort Davis Historical Site Museum the next day. They're accused of taking six 19th century guns, a Bowie knife and a donation box, the news release said.
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