Friday, June 02, 2006

Missing Graves in Grand Prairie

Imagine that you've buried a loved one and then go back a month or so later and you can't find the gravesite. Several families in the Grand Prairie are dealing with the loss of a loved one all over again.

Family searches for mother's burial spot

Loved ones who buried Okenetta Piper on April 1 said they were shocked when they couldn't find the spot where she was laid to rest on a recent visit to Southland Memorial Park in Grand Prairie.

Piper's daughter and son-in-law came back on Mother's Day to mark her grave with flowers until the headstone was ready but said they weren't sure where to place them.

"All of the sudden it's like she's not here no more," said Reshard Bradford, son-in-law. "She's out here, but now she's not out here. She's supposed to be in 443, but no one knows what 443 is."

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More complaints of missing graves arise

The Rodriguez family said they buried their father at Southland Memorial Park 11 months ago and captured the day on tape. While they said they thought they knew the exact spot where he was laid to rest, they now said they are unable to find where he was buried.

"We don't know where he's at," said son Chris Rodriguez.

Deborah Whittington said she believes her father ended up in a roadway after he was buried at the cemetery.

"I just wanted to see my dad rest in peace wherever he is," she said.

Two women who buried their sister at the cemetery said they also were unable to find her burial site.

"I don't even come here anymore because it's kind of pointless if you can't find the gravesite," said sister Shelby Record.

Many of the families were shocked to find that there were others in the exact same dilemma.

"We're not alone in this, but something needs to be done" Whittington said.

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