Tuesday, August 01, 2006

History of Fort Davis & the Davis Mountians

They used to be the Apache Mountains...

A Look at the History of the Davis Mountains from mywesttexas.com, part of a continuing series about the "Triangle" area of Alpine, Fort Davis and Marfa

They were not called the Davis Mountains until after Fort Davis was established in 1854. They were the Apache Mountains then because that's who owned them.

War chiefs Victorio, Juh, Mangas Coloradas, Nicolas and Nana roamed them and enough Comanches were raiding Mexico for this part of deep West Texas to be on Great Comanche Trail.

To put it in modern terms, conditions were unfavorable for economic development. Built on 500 acres in a box canyon near Limpia Creek, soldiers were needed to protect stagecoaches, wagon trains, railroad surveyors and eventually settlers.
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Photograph of Mitre Peak near Ft. Davis from Texas Old Photos