Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Birds Eye View of Texas

Take a look at Texarkana in 1888, Dallas in 1892, Cuero in 1881 or any of the other sixty birds eye views of Texas cities on line at The Amon Carter Museum website, Texas Bird's-Eye Views.

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Texas Bird’s-Eye Views is a Web site dedicated to the study and appreciation of the Texas city views in the museum’s collection, along with a number of additional Texas views from private lenders and outside institutions. From the website:

Bird’s-eye views, many of which are more than three feet wide, appear as something between a panoramic view and a map, as though they were drawn by the artist while he was suspended in a hot-air balloon. In fact, they were drawn by hand using, most often, two-point perspective to produce a three-dimensional rendering. The city views are surprisingly accurate (even to the point of documenting the presence of a tree in the middle of Gonzales Street in Cuero) and represent a much neglected source for understanding the history of Texas.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation representing BNSF Railway Company supplied a grant for the project.