Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Texas Train Wrecks, Fires and other disasters

Texas Train Wrecks, Fires, and other disasters - just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/

Bridgeport, TX Two Air Force Plane Collide, Mar 1958
Grapevine, TX Jet Crash Claims 130 Lives, Aug 1985
Emery, TX Tornado, May 1907
Denison, TX Train Wreck, Nov 1891
Matagorda Bay, TX Flyers Plunge To Death In Bay, Nov 1928
Houston, TX Trolley Wire Accident, Oct 1891
Greenville, TX Saloon and Barn Fires, Nov 1891
Lone Oak, TX Cotton Gin Fire, Nov 1891
Palestine, TX Cotton Bale Fire, Nov 1891
Baird, TX Road Work Accident, Nov 1891
Bastrop, TX Store Fire, Nov 1891
Lovelady, TX Playing With Matches Accident, Nov 1891
Gilmer, TX Sawmill Fire, Nov 1891
Shoals, TX House Fire, Oct 1891
Texarkana, TX Boarding House Fire, Dec 1908
Brownsville, TX Train Engine Explosion, Dec 1908
Vernon, TX Fire, Dec 1908
De Kalb, TX Rick Nelson Dies In Airplane Crash, Dec 1985
Langtry, TX Quarry Explosion, Feb 1925
Electra, TX Wichita River Drowning, May 1930
Temple, TX Little Elm Creek Drowning, May 1930
Houston, TX White Oak Bayou Drowning, May 1930
Pittsburg, TX Tornado, May 1930
Port Arthur, TX Automobile Accidents, May 1930
San Antonio, TX Falls Four Stories from Telephone Bldg, May 1930
Carthage, TX Train Accident, May 1930
Galveston, TX Hurricane, Sept 1900
Rice, TX Tornado, Apr 1908
Houston, TX Gulf Hotel Destroyed By Fire, Sep 1943
Fort Worth, TX Flood, Apr 1908

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