Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is there a Jasper County Clerk in your Ancestry?

Jasper County Needs Photos of Past County Clerks

Jasper County needs photos of former County Clerks to hang in County Clerk's office.

Photos needed: Hannibal Good (1856-1870), W.H. Truett (1871-1874), A.J. Rigsby (1881-1894), A.L. Mays (1909-1916) and N.B. Hart (1939-1948.)

Efforts to place framed photographs of past Jasper County Clerks in the Jasper County Courthouse clerk's office are underway, according to current County Clerk Debbie Newman.

Newman said that if anyone has a photograph of those individuals that they are willing to share, the picture can be scanned and returned to the owner. Pictures can be mailed to Jasper County Clerk, P.O. Box 2070 or 121 N. Austin, Room 103, Jasper, TX 75951 or call (409)384-2632 for instructions.

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